Turning Depression To Your Advantage


Depression can be a sad thing. Quite the obvious statement, but what if someone were to tell you that depression could be one of the best things that can ever happen to you. Apart from the dirty looks that you will throw in the direction of whoever said that, if you really think about it, you can convert your weakness into your strength to get you through.

Here are a few great ways to stay positive while dealing with a loss or any obstacle that may cause you to psychologically break down:

You Become a Better Person

Once you go through depression, you learn the realities of the world and the people around you. This helps you to not only deal with your issues, but also improve you as a person. People start reflecting more or paying attention to some things they might have missed out earlier and all this is a direct consequence of being in a position of weakness.

When you are weak, the world can push you down or help you rise. It’s how you view and interpret your surroundings that ultimately helps you develop a stronger mind set and personality.

Creativity is Another Advantage

When you are hit with depression, a plus is the fact that you can choose to let the creative juices insideof you take over. Depression helps a person to look deep inside himself or herself and pick out some of the deepest and at times, uplifting thoughts in them.

Creativity helps a person find a new outlet to channel their highly-charged emotions in a positive manner and doing so can also help a person completely get over their problems.

You Learn to Empathise

To sympathize, you must view. To empathize, you must feel. This is one the biggest advantages that come out of being depressed. You learn the magnitude of suffering that another person who has been in or is in your current situation has felt.

This helps you appreciate not only them, but also yourselves and move on to bigger things that will help you survive. Sometimes, two of you suffering together can help each other and get out of a situation together.

You Become More Passionate

As you go through depression, if you choose to talk about it, you realize that you are letting a big part of yourself break out into the open. This helps you become more passionate about your life and not bottle everything inside you.

Depression allows the passiveness inside you get out to something much better and constructive to both you and those around.

You Find Out More About Yourself

Depression can be a lone battle at times, but if you can use it to discover newer things about you, it could serve you in good stead. Do not let it take over you completely and affect your surroundings, but use it to your advantage and find out how well you can deal during hard times.

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