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Roots Finishing School

It’s about you as a personality, not person.

Of all the languages that we speak, the most important language that appeals and impresses a co-human is the body language. It’s that kind of communication that requires no words to communicate, yet it speaks a lot about us. And the background, the taste and the upbringing about us as people in a social atmosphere.

Let’s say, things like the way one does a shakehand. The way one clinks a glass at a rendezvous. The way one conducts himself or herself at a fund-raising dinner meant for the hoi polloi. Even simple things like making conversations or styling oneself up count. At ROOTS Finishing School, we have hand-picked faculty which appreciates that all of these, together, account for the way you carry yourself as a personality – not just as a person.
There are several ways a person interacting with us develops an image of us or our personality. And that helps him or her frame a mental picture of what we are – whether it’s true or false. It’s the sum total of several aspects of an individual that helps another individual paint a mental picture of the person in the context. People in a social milieu pick up a lot about us from the many ways we interact and engage ourselves.
At ROOTS FInishing School, we are dedicated to creating a fine, socially appreciated and welcoming image of yourself through a host of programs that cover all facets of personality building.