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Program Modules

Roots Finishing School offers different programmes you can choose from, which will help you refine the different sides of your personality. Or pick just the ones you want to spruce up in. Each programme is a 4-week course that is designed to introduce you, polish your skills or enhance your knowledge of a certain arena of interest or social behavior. You could enroll for any, or a combination of courses.

  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation skills
  • Small Talk
  • Art of Social Networking
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Art of Listening
  • Non-verbal Communication
  • Verbal Communication
  • Inhibitions & Assertiveness
  • Grooming
  • Power Dressing
  • Luxury Brand Recognition
  • Cross-cultural Sensitivity
  • Dining Protocols
  • Business/Corporate Etiquette
  • Social/Party Etiquette
  • International Cuisine
  • Music
  • Art Appreciation
  • Dance
  • Photography
  • Healthy Living
  • Golf
  • Healthy Living
  • Interiors/Office Décor

Presentation & Networking

Public Speaking
People harbor a fear for speaking before a group. This session helps participants get over this fear by making them familiar with the nuances of public-speaking through confidence-building and ways to engage the audience while also taking command over them.
Presentation Skills
No matter how good a message is, if not delivered interestingly or effectively, it won’t be heard. This session helps participants on how to make effective presentations by making your presentation look good by sprucing by using colour, fonts, templates etc.
Small Talk
Building relationships with strangers in social and business networks calls for excellent conversational skills. The ability to talk about any subject in networking events and social and business gatherings; revive a dying conversation; exiting conversations with grace and diplomacy, are the key to approach any social gathering with confidence.
Art of Social Networking
Leverage offline meetings with people you meet in parties or social occasions through online social bonding. This session deals in getting you familiar with ways to stay in touch and keep your acquaintances intact, while maintaining a healthy distance.


Interpersonal Skills
Effective communication touches the right chord. Person-to-person talk is the most effective way of influencing, inspiring or intriguing for any human. Whether you are conversing with an individual or addressing a group, what’s essential is being able to communicate effectively and convincingly when required.
Art of Listening
Effective listening is an important skill of a strong leader. It is one essential skill that each one of us needs to develop. Effective listening builds trust, opens the doors to new opportunities. Listening also helps us understand what is not being said verbally.
Non-verbal Communication
Nonverbal communication happens via body language, postures, gestures, tone, pitch, facial expressions and eye contact. This course helps you master non-verbal communication skills and also read the non-verbal communication coming from the other person in conversation.
Verbal Communication
Verbal communication must convey your message effectively and accurately. It’s essential in a professional environment to speak and use effective words and deliver them with confidence. Power of words plays a make-or-break role in this communication and that’s what this course will teach you about.
In this session, you will discover, that something in you called “Inhibition”. Why is this Inhibition in you and the havoc it can play in your life. Is there a way to get rid of it? Also, the session will talk about being assertive the smart way. You will gain knowledge on the parts of assertive speech and how to be politely assertive.

Personality & Image

Ensuring you are well-groomed could well be your ticket to success. You will be part of grooming sessions that include tips on skincare, haircare, nailcare and make up, among other things. The session includes a one-on-one make-over session for individual needs.
Power Dressing
Power dressing is the key to getting ahead in corporate circles. As part of this course, you will learn to dress sophisticated dressing – something that is automatically associated with successful individuals.
Luxury Brand Recognition
This course will keep your abreast with various premium brands. By staying aware of brand names, you could keep embarrassment at bay when in a boutique or mall. Also knowing which brands offer what kind of lifestyle products will help you in styling up your own look and add to your brand value at a social do.
Cross-cultural Sensitivity
This course sensitizes participants with different cultures and on working in a multi-cultural environment. It provides information on cultural awareness and customs of specific countries. Learn about specific strategies for specific countries.

Social & Business Etiquette

Dining Protocol
This course addresses everything that a professional needs to know about business dining etiquette. When you are the cynosure of all eyes, acquiring a good dining etiquette is no longer an option. Host or guest – master the art of dining etiquette.
Business/Corporate Etiquette
Appropriate professional behaviour can take you places and proper etiquette can set you apart from your competition. This session will take participants through the basic protocols in a professional environment from handshake to writing emails.
Social/Party Etiquette
This programme will teacher you to address people the right way, display outstanding behaviour and surpass yourself as you interact with people from various age groups. It inculcates polished manners, helps you understand the dos and don’ts in social situations and builds confidence.
International Cuisine
This programme will acquaint you with various cuisines, main and important dishes. So the next time you walk into a global restaurant, you will not hesitate to order foreign cuisines or wonder what exotic dish will be served.

Passion & Pursuits

This course will get you familiar with a few syllables and snippets of Western Music – covering the entire spectrum from Western Classical to Contemporary Music. So the next time you hear them play, you’ll be well-equipped to figure out the genre right.
Art Appreciation
When it comes to Art forms, there are a plethora of manifestations that depict a multitude of artists. It is a veritable skill to identify the specific style of every genius and appreciate the origin of art forms in a historical context. This course covers getting you acquainted with famous works of art by better-known artists along with gallery etiquette.
The course on dance will not just take your through recognizing dance forms, as it will also get you familiar with basic steps in the latest and happening dance forms.
This course included teach to operate the SLR camera and getting a basic understanding of the principles and techniques of photography, appreciation of different cameras, lighting, lenses, different angles and exposures among other things.

Accumulating Interests

Healthy Living
This course gives participants an understanding of what is required to keep the mind sharp and the body healthy. Being one of the most impactful parts of the curriculum, it focuses on the overall lifestyle, exercise, positive thinking, and nutritious food – all of which are essential constituents for a healthy living.
The Golf course is one that places the lead to the road of success. This sport is synonymous of status and power. And those who play this game are destined to network with the urban elite. This course gives you a glimpse into an understanding of the basics of the game.
Office/Interior Decor
The first impression is often the last impression. This course will take you through tips on how to make your office or home wear a tasteful décor.