5 Words That Hurt Others Badly


Humans are the only creatures on this earth who can talk. But sometimes, they say some words that may actually hurt others badly. While talking to others, make sure that you never say these words, no matter how unfavorable the conversation turns out to be:

  1. Retarded

This word literally describes something or someone who does not make sense and is talking rubbish. But if you call someone ‘retarded’, they may think that you are calling them a mentally challenged person. Mentally retarded person is the one whose brain does not work normally, and the one who is crazy and unintelligible. Such people have to struggle throughout their life and have hard time dealing with others.

  1. It’s just a joke

If you said something wrong and offended someone, don’t get over with it by saying that it was just a joke. If they were hurt, they will not believe that you were not serious. No matter how close you are to the person, if you say something offensive, it will usually not be taken as a joke. If possible, apologize and say that you did not intend to hurt.

  1. Leave it

If a person is not able to understand something, or learn a task that you are trying to teach him, you should not say ‘leave it’. The person may feel that you are suspecting his capability, and ruling him out on purpose. You may further try to explain and have patience. If he is still not able to understand, give a suitable task to him without degrading him.

  1. Chill

When someone is not feeling well, is stressed out, or is depressed, ‘chill’ is the worst word you can say to him. This will not make the person feel better at all, but will only make the situation worse. If you say this to him, he may feel that you are taking him so lightly, and that his problems do not matter to you at all. You may intend to say this to bring a smile on his face, but this is usually the wrong situation to crack jokes. This word is usually so hurtful to a person who is already stressed in his life.

  1. How can you not know this?

This is a popular saying people say to someone who is less aware of his surroundings. You should not forget that no one knows everything, and the thing you know may not have come across him. By saying this, you imply that he is ignorant, and does not live in this world. It is a fact that some people give more attention to their surroundings than others, and this is no reason to criticize someone for his ignorance.

So, the next time you talk to a person or strike a conversation, be sure that you don’t say any of these words to anyone. People may get hurt with your words, and this can actually harm your relationship. Remember, if you are trying to degrade someone, it is you who is showing his insecurity.

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