5 Habits of Highly Sensitive People

sensitiveIf someone in your life ponders things more than you, if he constantly wonders about how other people must be feeling, and if he prefers less chaotic, quiet atmosphere, then he must be a highly sensitive person to live with. Such people are usually seen as weak and introvert, but that would be a biased statement to make about them. Because these people are comfortable in their own company, and think more deeply than others, they usually have more understanding of life, and sometimes you may feel privileged to be with them. To understand more about highly sensitive people in your life, you need to know some of their common habits:

  1. They get offended more easily than others

They express their feelings more freely than others, and have a desire to be heard and valued. On the other hand, they don’t listen to other people’s advice easily, and get offended if they hear even a single word against them or their thoughts. They talk less, but when they talk, they want to be appreciated.

  1. They like spending time alone

Highly sensitive people are experts at spending time alone. They feel happy when everyone in the house goes out, and they get some time to be on their own. Instead of going out for a picnic with the family, they would prefer staying back at home and doing whatever they want. During such lonely times, they get a chance to go deep into their thoughts, and live a world of their dreams.

  1. They want to do their best

They take it as their responsibility to do some good to the world. Whatever task they undertake, they do it with their full heart. Even if they develop a relationship with someone, whether it is a love partner or a friend, they want to make the person happy with their gestures. However, they feel quickly discouraged if their efforts go in vain, or they do not achieve the desired results. For example, they will feel offended if their friend does not like the gift they brought. Sometimes, they may feel unappreciated, and start creating a gap from them.

  1. They seem tough from outside

Although they are so sensitive, they exhibit a tough personality to others. You will often see them with a stiff eyebrow. They do this because they are hurt very easily, even with a very small thing you said or did, and hold onto it for several months. They keep sulking and thinking about it so much, and avoid having a conversation with you. If they talk with you, they fear that they may say something that may hurt you back. So, the reason they sulk is not because they have a strong ego, but because they don’t want to say something bad to you.

  1. They ask lots of questions

Because they think so much, they look into each and every aspect of things, and because of this, they tend to ask too many questions about any topic. Sometimes, the questions put up by them are reasonable, and leave you thinking about the matter from a different perspective.

So, look into these habits of a person living with you, and find if he or she is highly sensitive or not. The only thing you need to do is to value these people in your life, listen to what they have to say, and appreciate them.

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